How will helium prices affect the welding industry?

Why Welding May Need to Lighten Up on Helium

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For being the second most abundant element in the Universe, helium is becoming harder and harder to obtain.  Helium is widely utilized in industry and is used in MRI scanners, nuclear power plants, the Large Hadron Collider, and, of course, welding. Helium has remained popular in the welding world as a shielding gas due to its […]

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Welding Jobs: How to Stay Cool This Summer

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In most parts of the United States the temperatures are rising, and it’s only going to get warmer. Although welding is typically performed indoors, the heat can still take a toll on workers. Welders are usually required to work for long periods of time in heavy protective gear and equipment that can add to the […]

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Size of the job? That doesn’t matter, but quality and service do.

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At Sutton-Garten, we understand that the size of the welding  job doesn’t matter. That’s why we not only sell equipment and gases to companies, but we also sell to individuals. Besides offering a wide array of products to our larger customers, we also offer training for a variety of certifications and welding techniques. Our training […]

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Welcome to Sutton-Garten’s New Site

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Since 1918, Sutton-Garten has been supplying quality welding supplies and gases, and now we are proud to announce our new, updated website which provides a more navigable web experience on all devices. The new website features a clean user interface showcasing products and services with fresh photography. Additionally, customers can browse the site on phones […]

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Productivity At Work

Pro Tips For Staying Productive During Summer Downtime

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Summer is the slowest season for business regardless of the industry.  In the manufacturing arena, it is common for many plants, shop floors, and engineers to take an extended leave.  The demand simply isn’t there like it is the rest of the year.  With business orders slowing down it becomes a perfect time to reanalyze […]

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Build Savings with Sutton-Garten

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When it comes to welding equipment, at Sutton-Garten, we have spent the past 90 years ensuring our customers have access to the very best. On top of supplying them with the highest quality equipment, this also means getting them the best prices, often at steep discounts—prices not found anywhere else. This means working tirelessly with […]

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Plasma Cutting Equipment

Our Plasma Cutting Equipment Inventory is Growing!

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When you’ve been in business for over 90 years, you learn a lot about how to meet your customers’ needs and strive to exceed expectations. While there are many factors that contribute to almost a century of this success, one of the best ways to keep meeting needs and expectations is by providing the newest, […]

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Company Upgrades to Better Serve Our Customers

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For over 90 years, we have provided quality welding and cutting equipment, supplies and gases to the metal-working industry. We offer rental and repair services for welding and cutting equipment, training for welding certifications, and provide bulk gas and dry ice to the food and beverage industries. To better serve our customers, our team has […]

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