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Dry Ice Burst Due to Auto Growth

In recent years, the automotive industry has staged a comeback, with a growth in technology helping to boost the industry. In fact, since the recession, many major auto companies have re-examined their production process and are integrating changes in order to remain stable. According to this article from Tire Business, this includes implementing programs that identify “the suppliers, bringing them in early on in the design and engineering process and identifying new technologies that vehicle manufacturers will need so that there is a greater working relationship.”

Since we often work with automotive companies, this growth is exciting for us to see. A boost in the automotive industry has directly correlated with a boost in our business as well. Specifically, auto companies have paired with us recently in order to use our ice blasting equipment for cleaning applications. We even had to install another dry ice machine in order to handle the increase in work. One company has utilized the ice blasting in order to remove wax from parts. Others who work with metal coatings and cold-forged parts use the ice blasting equipment to properly clean parts. Car part companies, working with parts such as metal stampings, mufflers, and auto exhaust systems, use the ice blasting for cleaning as well.

Since dry ice is suitable for removing oil off of car parts, we have seen more of a demand in the ice blasting equipment. Additionally, there is no mess with it, it doesn’t conduct electricity so it allows for motors to be running simultaneously, and the dry ice is abrasive enough to clean tough surfaces.

Moving forward, we hope to see an even bigger increase in the automotive industry as technology continues to play a part. As we work closely with the auto industry, we see how it has greatly impacted our business as well, and we only hope it gets even better!