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  1. Build Savings with Sutton-Garten

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    When it comes to welding equipment, at Sutton-Garten, we have spent the past 90 years ensuring our customers have access to the very best. On top of supplying them with the highest quality equipment, this also means getting them the best prices, often at steep discounts—prices not found anywhere else.

    This means working tirelessly with suppliers to get access to equipment and savings. One of our most popular and reliable relationships is with Miller, and their Build with Blue™ program. The program allows customers to build Miller equipment to order, and then receive free rebates from them.

    There is a range of equipment choices available for the Build with Blue program. They include MIG welders, TIG welders, plasma cutters, multi-process welders, and welder/generators.

    Once you have chosen and purchased the qualifying Miller machine through Sutton-Garten, you simply submit a rebate form. You’ll then receive your rebate via email, for a total of up to $500 in savings. It’s that simple.

    What this means is that through our relationship with Miller—and their unique Build with Blue rebate program—you get the machine you want, built for you, but at a much lower cost than you normally would. You get the same service and quality, for less money.

    We’re proud to work with such top-of-the-line suppliers as Miller, and we’re very happy to be able to pass savings along directly to our customers. With almost a century in business, it’s just one of the many advantages we’re able to provide.

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