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  1. Build Savings with Sutton-Garten

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    When it comes to welding equipment, at Sutton-Garten, we have spent the past 90 years ensuring our customers have access to the very best. On top of supplying them with the highest quality equipment, this also means getting them the best prices, often at steep discounts—prices not found anywhere else.

    This means working tirelessly with suppliers to get access to equipment and savings. One of our most popular and reliable relationships is with Miller, and their Build with Blue™ program. The program allows customers to build Miller equipment to order, and then receive free rebates from them.

    There is a range of equipment choices available for the Build with Blue program. They include MIG welders, TIG welders, plasma cutters, multi-process welders, and welder/generators.

    Once you have chosen and purchased the qualifying Miller machine through Sutton-Garten, you simply submit a rebate form. You’ll then receive your rebate via email, for a total of up to $500 in savings. It’s that simple.

    What this means is that through our relationship with Miller—and their unique Build with Blue rebate program—you get the machine you want, built for you, but at a much lower cost than you normally would. You get the same service and quality, for less money.

    We’re proud to work with such top-of-the-line suppliers as Miller, and we’re very happy to be able to pass savings along directly to our customers. With almost a century in business, it’s just one of the many advantages we’re able to provide.

  2. Sutton-Garten introduces the new POWERMAX 125

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    At Sutton-Garten, we are always on the look out for the most innovative welding tools. Therefore, we are thrilled to be the first distributors to get our hands on and offer Hypertherm’s exciting new Powermax125. The Powermax125 is the latest innovative plasma-cutting tool from Hypertherm’s Powermax line, which is extremely popular with Sutton-Garten’s heavy industrial users. The Powermax 125 offers users a wide range of benefits including:

    • Severs 57mm (2-1/4”) thick metals at 125 mm/min (5 ipm)
    • 100% duty cycle
    • Cuts 550% faster on 12mm (1/2”) than Oxyfuel
    • Can handle portable automation, x-y table cutting, and robotic cutting and gouging
    • Works with the Duramax high amp torch line which comes in a range of sizes

    One of the best parts about the Powermax125 is the ability to customize a configuration to your exact needs. You can mix and match from:

    • Power supply options (480V CSA, 600V CSA, 380V CCC, 400V CE)
    • Torch Options (hand, machine, robotic, and long torches plus five cable lengths)
    • Cable Options (both work and control cables in three lengths)
    • Plus a long list of genuine Hypertherm accessories!

    Hypertherm also came out with a new and improved PowerMax 30, which is called the PowerMax 30XP and released in mid-March. This unit features a carrying case, improved cut speed and capacity, and a new torch with different improved consumables. We already have them on order and are looking forward to demonstrating them to customers.

    We see a great deal of equipment come through our doors, so it is a big deal when we get this excited about these new hand-held plasma cutting products. Come check them out soon!

  3. The Year Ahead

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    2012 was a great year here at Sutton-Garten with record sales in almost every category – welding machines, filler metals, rentals and gases.

    As we look forward to the year ahead, we hope that sales growth continues. Change continues in almost all of our markets, including:

    Welding Machinery – New and better equipment continues to be introduced by the manufacturers. Miller has exciting new products to enable faster production rates and higher quality. With the continuing shortage of qualified welders, the new equipment makes it easier to obtain the quality welds you need in your processes. Hypertherm has continued their improvements in plasma cutting equipment with the introduction of the Powermax 105 and MaxPro 200. Their HyDefinition products give laser-like quality at substantial cost savings.

    Filler Metals – Suppliers continue to develop new welding filler metals that give higher deposition rates with existing machines. Flux cored wires from Alloy Rods and Lincoln can replace hard wires and give much higher weld speeds and lower overall costs.

    Helium supply – The availability of helium has gotten somewhat better even though pricing continues to be quite high. We have locked in a supply of high quality helium that will take care of existing customers, and allow some growth. We will also continue to work with customers in changing their process so they can eliminate helium and use lower cost gases that give the same or improved results.

    Beverage gases and Dry Ice – Our CO2 Division continues to grow and a new long-term supply agreement will stabilize our pricing. We have doubled our dry ice capacity and continue to supply “the freshest and best dry ice in town.”

    Welding Classes – Our Welding Classes and Certification testing have been very popular with existing and new customers. Give us a call for any of your weld training and testing needs.

    We are looking forward to making 2013 another year of record sales and hope to bring in even more new customers. Wish us luck on our resolutions and make sure to check in for more news!




  4. The Whole Package for 90 Years

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    What makes us here at Sutton-Garten unique and why do we refer to ourselves as a “whole package?” The answer could be a wide range of things, from our complete line of welding equipment to our rental line to our long history. Let’s start at the beginning.

    Ninety years ago, in 1918, the welding side of Sutton-Garten first opened, under the care of four men. The company leadership then solely came under William Garten and Charles Sutton, and the business took off (and yes, we are still a family-owned company today, currently operating with the third and fourth generations!). We have resided in multiple locations over the years, and we have been in our current building since the 1980s (we even expanded in the early 2000’s and doubled the size of our warehouse).

    Although welding has always been the main focal point of our company,—we are one of the oldest operating businesses in the welding industry—we have expanded in order to keep up with the changing industry and our customers’ demands. At the time of the Great Depression, the welding side of the company took a hit, so we opened our repair shop in order to maintain our business. Now, we have a complete repair and rental shop that supports all of the equipment we sell. Additionally, around 5 years ago, we added the carbon dioxide and dry ice department, which has seen rapid expansion since its introduction. So why do we call ourselves the whole package? Because we have a full cycle of services: we sell welding equipment, train staffs on how to weld and how to become certified, we repair equipment, and we provide rental equipment. Anything your equipment may need in its life cycle, we can offer.

    Want to know more? See our website and check back here for monthly updates!

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