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  1. Pro Tips For Staying Productive During Summer Downtime

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    Summer is the slowest season for business regardless of the industry.  In the manufacturing arena, it is common for many plants, shop floors, and engineers to take an extended leave.  The demand simply isn’t there like it is the rest of the year.  With business orders slowing down it becomes a perfect time to reanalyze different departments of your organization.  Here at some pro tips on staying productive during summer months.

    Productivity At WorkAs June approaches it is the perfect time to inspect all safety procedures, as it’s recognized as the Safety Awareness Month. Carefully going through all safety procedures and doing some light research on any new safety enhancing technologies that have hit the market is something to take full advantage of during this first month of summer.

    While researching any new advancements in safety, it may be wise to also review safety procedures with all members of your team.

    Another great way to stay ahead of the curve is to double check all inventory levels.  Purchasing any orders now is a great way to stay sharp when business picks back up again. Also, because it is a slower month for most businesses you may experience more customer service or receive your order faster than usual.

    The last pro tip we like to share, to keep moving forward during downtime, is to do some overall service and performance analysis of your company.  A great way to approach this is by conducting a customer service survey with existing customers.  Surveys can provide your customers with more information or remind them of important changes or innovations in your organization.  It’s a great way to stay gently on top of their mind for future business.  Surveys also benefit you by allowing you to spot any trends. Spotting trends ahead of competition could offer you a significant advantage.

    Although summer may slow down in direct sales, it can be the perfect time to do some housekeeping items that will propel you forward once the business picks back up again.  Stay ahead of the competition and check off these pro tips to have peace of mind your workers are safe, your inventory levels are replenished, and your customers have you top of mind.

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