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  1. Pro Tips For Staying Productive During Summer Downtime

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    Summer is the slowest season for business regardless of the industry.  In the manufacturing arena, it is common for many plants, shop floors, and engineers to take an extended leave.  The demand simply isn’t there like it is the rest of the year.  With business orders slowing down it becomes a perfect time to reanalyze different departments of your organization.  Here at some pro tips on staying productive during summer months.

    Productivity At WorkAs June approaches it is the perfect time to inspect all safety procedures, as it’s recognized as the Safety Awareness Month. Carefully going through all safety procedures and doing some light research on any new safety enhancing technologies that have hit the market is something to take full advantage of during this first month of summer.

    While researching any new advancements in safety, it may be wise to also review safety procedures with all members of your team.

    Another great way to stay ahead of the curve is to double check all inventory levels.  Purchasing any orders now is a great way to stay sharp when business picks back up again. Also, because it is a slower month for most businesses you may experience more customer service or receive your order faster than usual.

    The last pro tip we like to share, to keep moving forward during downtime, is to do some overall service and performance analysis of your company.  A great way to approach this is by conducting a customer service survey with existing customers.  Surveys can provide your customers with more information or remind them of important changes or innovations in your organization.  It’s a great way to stay gently on top of their mind for future business.  Surveys also benefit you by allowing you to spot any trends. Spotting trends ahead of competition could offer you a significant advantage.

    Although summer may slow down in direct sales, it can be the perfect time to do some housekeeping items that will propel you forward once the business picks back up again.  Stay ahead of the competition and check off these pro tips to have peace of mind your workers are safe, your inventory levels are replenished, and your customers have you top of mind.

  2. Company Upgrades to Better Serve Our Customers

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    For over 90 years, we have provided quality welding and cutting equipment, supplies and gases to the metal-working industry. We offer rental and repair services for welding and cutting equipment, training for welding certifications, and provide bulk gas and dry ice to the food and beverage industries.

    To better serve our customers, our team has upgraded all their computer software and handheld devices for the C02 and welding drivers. These upgrades have enabled them to scan the tanks and take print out of the details, such as the tanks associated with the customers. This will also enable them to enter the CO2 orders for bulk deliveries in their devices and process the orders faster and more efficiently. Customers will be able to modify their orders easily and conveniently via the new system.

    Our fleet of CO2 delivery trucks and nitrogen trailers enable us to fill the liquid cylinders on site at the customer’s facility. This service eliminates handling cylinders, saves on product cost, and cylinders may be filled from a remote fill box or through a Transfill hose, eliminating the burden of moving cylinders in the facility. We deliver liquid CO2, cylinder CO2, liquid nitrogen, helium cylinders, and beer gas for beverage and bulk service needs. We also offer bulk gas installation for argon, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium and mixed gas systems for higher volume applications.

    Cryogenic or refrigerated bulk tanks provide safe outside storage of gases that can be piped to stations within the facility. This eliminates the need to handle the cylinders, results in a safer workplace, and reduces the overall cost of the gases. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

  3. U.S. Manufacturing Is Trending Up – Slowly, But Surely

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    We’re hearing a lot of positive news lately regarding the U.S. manufacturing sector and the economy, in general. It seems as if manufacturing is making a welcome comeback here – slowly, but surely – and a similar recovery trend is happening in other countries around the world. A recent report said, “American producers are leading a global manufacturing recovery that stretches from China to Europe as their economies improve.”

    There are several indicators pointing in a positive direction right now:

    Other trends positively impacting U.S. manufacturing today include “onshoring” (or “reshoring”) and the increased access to manufacturing-related education and training.

    American ManufacturingThe onshoring trend we’re seeing now reflects the fact that more companies are setting up or moving manufacturing operations to the U.S. after they’ve realized that manufacturing overseas is costly and can be unreliable when it comes to quality control. The education/training trend is driven by the fact that more manufacturing jobs are open or they’re being created. Therefore, more people are seeking the training and education they need to fill those jobs. Specific manufacturing-related skills training and education (including welding training) are in demand, and welding education programs are being added to the curriculum of schools and colleges across the country.

    Right now, any way you look at manufacturing and the economy, you’ll see positive signs. In a recent USA Today article, one market strategist says, “Overall, the direction of manufacturing continues to be positive.” We share this optimism, and patiently look forward to the upward trend in U.S. manufacturing continuing in the months and years ahead!


  4. Narrowing the Manufacturing Skills Gap with Welding Training Classes

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    For more than a year now, manufacturers across the U.S. have been facing a skills gap: There just aren’t enough skilled workers available today to fill key manufacturing jobs – welders, machinists, industrial machinery mechanics, etc. According to one recent poll by Industry Week, more than half of the manufacturers surveyed said, “We need skilled workers today…” and another 28% said, “We’re okay now but the future is troubling.”

    Another report by the American Enterprise Institute earlier this year said we will be facing “a future high-skills gap in manufacturing that could approach 875,000 machinists, welders, industrial engineers, and industrial machinery mechanics by 2020…” 875,000? That’s a lot of open jobs that will be waiting to be filled! Even as the economy continues to slowly recover, the manufacturing skills gap will continue to grow unless more people start to get the proper training they need to master specialized skills and to obtain the required certifications.

    At Sutton-Garten, we believe we’re doing our part to narrow the manufacturing skills gap: We offer hands-on welding training classes. The types of classes range from introductory courses for individuals and groups to specialized/customized classes and training for companies doing all types of welding. We also offer certifications for MIG, TIG, and stick welding.Stick Welding

    In addition to our welding training classes, our commitment to welding education extends to high schools in the area. Sutton-Garten proudly sponsors teams in the AWS Midwest Team Welding Competition each year. As proud U.S. manufacturers, we are doing our best to improve the current and future state of manufacturing.


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