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  1. Sutton Garten Manufactures Dry Ice Daily

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    At Sutton Garten high-density dry ice is manufactured daily. Dry ice has unique features especially when it comes to its chemistry and quality. Unlike regular ice, as we commonly know it, dry ice does not melt into a liquid rather it dissolves into a gas. This process is known as sublimation.

    Dry ice is useful for many different industries, including industrial blasting cleaning services. The blasting process has several benefits compared to traditional cleaning methods including environmentally, economically, and timely.

    The blasting process begins when the dry ice particles are propelled to supersonic speed impacting the surface. The compressed air is pressurized and cleans the surface without causing abrasions. It is the pressurized force that is removing any dirt. The cold temperature then creates a thermo-shock removing any further containment. The final phase is when the dry ice begins to convert into gas leaving only the fallen contaminants on the ground with no further disposal. No further scrubbing or drying time required. Machinery can be restarted immediately after blasting.

    If you are considering trying the dry ice blasting method on your equipment, please review the following safety tips and contact us on our website.

    • Always use tongs or insulated gloves when touching a dry ice. Dry ice is approximately -109° F and will cause severe frostbite.
    • A mask is recommended for eye and nose protection as well.
    • Ear protection is also required because it is a loud and noisy process.
    • Buy it as close to the time you will use it as possible because all dry ice sublimates very quickly.

    The best place to store dry ice is in a Styrofoam chest with a loose fitting lid or a well-ventilated container. Airtight containers will not be able to contain the gas once the dry ice sublimates. Also, do not place dry ice on countertops as the freezing temperatures may crack the surface.

    If you have any further questions or want to schedule a pickup time for your dry ice check out our website here or give us a call at (800) 686-4674.

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