What makes us here at Sutton-Garten unique and why do we refer to ourselves as a “whole package?” The answer could be a wide range of things, from our complete line of welding equipment to our rental line to our long history. Let’s start at the beginning.

Ninety years ago, in 1918, the welding side of Sutton-Garten first opened, under the care of four men. The company leadership then solely came under William Garten and Charles Sutton, and the business took off (and yes, we are still a family-owned company today, currently operating with the third and fourth generations!). We have resided in multiple locations over the years, and we have been in our current building since the 1980s (we even expanded in the early 2000’s and doubled the size of our warehouse).

Although welding has always been the main focal point of our company,—we are one of the oldest operating businesses in the welding industry—we have expanded in order to keep up with the changing industry and our customers’ demands. At the time of the Great Depression, the welding side of the company took a hit, so we opened our repair shop in order to maintain our business. Now, we have a complete repair and rental shop that supports all of the equipment we sell. Additionally, around 5 years ago, we added the carbon dioxide and dry ice department, which has seen rapid expansion since its introduction. So why do we call ourselves the whole package? Because we have a full cycle of services: we sell welding equipment, train staffs on how to weld and how to become certified, we repair equipment, and we provide rental equipment. Anything your equipment may need in its life cycle, we can offer.

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