As a compact, easily transportable product, liquid nitrogen has been used in a range of industries and applications for many years. Its beneficial uses include cryogenics, backup nitrogen, shrink-welding of machinery, various cooling applications, HVAC industry usage, sample preservation, beer production, and many food storage, preservation, and preparation methods.

Especially popular in the food industry, its use has dated all the way back to the late 1800’s. In more modern times, liquid nitrogen’s rapid chilling had made it extremely beneficial. Nowadays, it is even being used to quickly freeze cocktails and chill glasses, create a fun, smoky presentation for food and drinks and in the ever-trendy world of molecular gastronomy.

As a company with a great deal of experience with other gases—we have four bulk carbon dioxide trucks—we are very excited to now have a bulk liquid nitrogen trailer. This will allow for countless clients to use liquid nitrogen for food processing purposes, as well as many others.

For instance we have one client that uses liquid nitrogen in soda bottles. The nitrogen makes the bottle expand and helps increase the strength of the bottles, allowing for better stackability. Another customer uses it to make ice cream; due to the formation of smaller ice crystals as a result of the liquid nitrogen, the product is smoother because of it. This new trailer means we can offer bulk supplies to our customers.

Whatever its use or purpose—fun or functional, food or industrial—you’ll find the bulk liquid nitrogen supply to be just what your company needed.

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