Environmentalists around the world have been talking about the negative impact of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on our environment for decades now. It seems as though every day we hear complaints about CO2’s relationship to rising sea levels, extreme weather, and climate change. Heat waves, superstorms, and deadly tornados are routinely blamed on the climate change environmentalists believe is caused, in large part, by CO2 emissions.


But, over the past few years in particular, we’ve seen businesses and industries working together to develop ways to reduce CO2 emissions. Everyone seems to have “sustainability” and the protection of our environment in mind. Reports say U.S. carbon emissions have “declined at an impressive rate given the absence of any cohesive federal climate change policy.” Everyone’s making an effort and doing their part.

The sectors cited as the top two CO2 emissions producers are the transportation industry and electricity generation. These industries, as well as others with processes that emit CO2, have been modifying their operations and cutting back on their CO2 emissions.

At Sutton-Garten, we’re also doing our part to help our environment by using recaptured CO2 emitted through the production of ethanol. We’re taking something that’s perceived to be hazardous or “bad” and making it “good” by putting it to good use!

CO2Our CO2 is used for beverage systems, welding, pH control of water, and dry ice production.. By recapturing the CO2 and doing these things, we’re also helping the ethanol plants be more productive and environmentally friendly… It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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