As spring has gotten underway, things have really picked up here at Sutton Garten. By this, we mean we have been involved in a lot of different industry events! Let us tell you about them.

AWSAWS Chapter meeting: As members of the AWS, we often attend chapter meetings, to keep in touch with other members within the industry and stay on top of any new technologies or trends in the welding world. This past April 2nd, we hosted the chapter meeting, something we typically do about once a year. At this meeting, we discussed and demonstrated a new piece of Miller welding equipment, in order to show how to build up your welding facility and fleet of equipment.

Midwest Team Welding Competition: On April 24th and 25th, the Midwest Team Welding Competition, sponsored by AWS, was held at the JE Light Career Center. Essentially, the competition includes teams of high school students from various vocational schools in the area, encouraging them to compete in welding contests. Specifically, we sponsored the TIG welding content, as we have been a part of the competition for some time, and want to help build up schools that are training students in the welding methods.

Although a busy month, April helped get us more involved in the welding community—something we are continuously working on!

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