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  1. Need a Bulk Supply of Liquid Nitrogen? Our New Trailer Delivers!

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    For many years, Sutton-Garten has supplied liquid nitrogen to customers in a wide variety of industries, from the food and beverage industry (for making ice cream, pouring draft beer, etc.) to the welding industry (gas pipe purging, laser cutting, etc.) and the automotive industry (pressurizing tires).

    In a previous blog post, we talked in-depth about liquid nitrogen and its uses. Now, in this post, we want to share some related information: news and details about our new liquid nitrogen trailer, which can fill customers’ liquid nitrogen storage tanks.

    Bulk delivery with our new trailer works to everyone’s advantage – yours and ours – by saving time and money and eliminating the headaches caused by having to move and transport cylinders. With our new liquid nitrogen trailer, we deliver to your locations and use a hose to fill your tanks directly from the trailer. It’s bulk delivery of liquid nitrogen at its best!

    Here’s some additional interesting information about our new liquid nitrogen trailer:

    • It’s a “Gorilla trailer” made by West Cryogenics, Inc.
    • The trailer holds up to 850 gallons of liquid nitrogen.
    • It offers vaporizing capabilities, turning the liquid nitrogen into vapor when our customers need it in that form.

    Nitrogen TrailerKeep in mind that while the list of customers who get liquid nitrogen from us is very broad and varied, the service and quality product Sutton-Garten supplies is always the same. We continue to provide products and services that meet the highest industry standards, and we’ve been doing this for more than 90 years!



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