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  1. Sutton Garten is the “Image of Welding!”

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    We have some exciting news to share: This past fall, the American Welding Society (AWS) awarded Sutton Garten with the “Image of Welding” Award!

    The “Image of Welding” Award is an annual award presented by AWS at the yearly AWS/Fabtech convention (which features those companies who represent the welding industry). A national board selects the winners of the award and this year, we are honored to have been a recipient!

    Sutton Garten and AWS

    Ever since the 1920s, when our founder Ray Garten joined the AWS organization, Sutton Garten has been active in the welding industry. For the past ten years, we have been hosting annual AWS meetings here at our downtown Indianapolis facilities, where we have highlighted our welding classroom, welding lab, and showroom featuring our current products. During these meetings, industry and society members demonstrate new technologies and discuss current industry events. AWS is an organization we have been involved with for so long simply because of what the organization stands for: the support of welding education and the encouragement of young people to learn the techniques of the trade. Along with our society membership, we have found ways to bring recognition to the welding industry. Specifically, we help a local AWS Midwest Welding contest, participate in various exhibitions and shows, and support AWS scholarship funds.

    Sutton Garten and AWSAs long-time members of the society and the industry, we are pleased to receive the award and be acknowledged as an integral part of the welding industry. We hope that we and AWS can help further foster the welding industry!

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