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  1. Increased Capabilities and Space at Our New Facility

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    Sutton Garten Showroom Sutton Garten ShowroomAt Sutton Garten, our main goal is fulfilling the needs of our customers. We also focus on providing our customers with the best products, services, and technical knowledge in the welding and gas fields. To continue providing high quality products and services to our customers, we recently made some major renovations to our 8,000 sq. ft. facility.

    Our facility renovation included expanding our showroom space, installing flat wall and new tile floors, redoing the foyer, repainting the welding labs, installing new energy efficient lights, adding storage space above the repair shop, constructing new counters and storage cabinets, and, dry blasting the ceiling tiles. Additionally, we installed a new staircase within the facility, as well as electrical conduits on our countertops to streamline our work process.

    We ultimately decided to replace and renovate sections of our facility to modernize and provide our customers with the best products and services. For example, some of our lighting fixtures became obsolete, the showroom needed to be upgraded and modernized, and we needed additional showroom and storage space.

    The main goal of our recent renovation project was to improve our business so that we can better serve our customers and continue the delivery of high quality products and services. With our major renovation finished, we are looking forward to the future of Sutton Garten and working with our customers.

    Our facility renovation is just another way that we will continue to surpass customer expectations for many years to come. Come check out our new and beautiful facility!

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