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  1. The Future of Automation

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    Many of our clients, especially the larger businesses, have invested heavily in automation. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that companies are investing in the latest technology. What may surprise you is just how widespread the adoption of automation technology is. It’s not just the expected industries that are keeping an eye on evolution in the automation sector.Equipment

    We frequently work with clients in the automotive sector, and most people would expect to see adoption of automation technology in the industry that brought us the assembly line. But at this year’s Automation Conference in Chicago, automation professionals from an enormous selection of industries gathered together. What’s clear is that it’s not just companies in the automotive sector that benefit from improved automation technology. Packaging manufacturers, beer and wine makers, even municipal water and wastewater firms want to keep an eye on advancements in automation.

    This is because automation is not just used for building durable goods. Automating individual processes can also be beneficial to companies. That is why the oil and gas terminal automation market is expected to be worth over $4.4 billion by 2020. Terminal automation allows companies in the oil and gas industry to improve their processes and their real time data management.

    Certainly, this is the future of automation. Automation will not just help us make improvements to how we build things, but companies will also be looking at how they can improve productivity and improve plant floor connectivity with new devices and innovations. Tablets and smartphones that easily interface with each other and new technology could end up being just as integral to a shop’s performance as the latest and greatest assembly robot. The ability of automation to streamline processes and eliminate wasted time will become even more valuable to each and every industry.

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